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25 Free Spins on The Great Stick Up at Black Diamond Casino

25 Free Spins on The Great Stick Up at Black Diamond Casino

Posted by Black Diamond Casino 2 years ago (15.04.2022)

 All new players can enjoy 25 Free Spins on The Great Stick-Up (no deposit) + 200% up to $2000 on their first deposit (Standard Welcome Offer).

 Depending on the source, the United States apparently saw a surge in crime from the 1960s onwards, which has been attributed to anything from the relaxing of family values to the Baby Boom effect and beyond. We could spend many a word exploring the theses, but why don't we fire up The Great Stick-up from Pragmatic Play instead to get a first-hand look at the era, sort of. The Great Stick-up is a crime-themed game set in a small North American town in the 60s that recreates a world of goodies, baddies, mystery symbols, and free spins.

 Not much time has passed since Pragmatic Play last ventured into the world of crime in their playfully styled slot Cash Patrol. The Great Stick-up, by comparison, has a very different set of features and tones. This one is a bit more debonair in look and a lot more rocking in sound. Its setting is a bit unusual, too. There's a Wild West feel to the empty background streets and few clues to who or what is being stuck up. A bank, a wealthy citizen? Who knows, so the story isn't as clear cut as Cash Patrol's cops chasing robbers, Money Collects chasing Money symbols premise. The Great Stick-up's plot gains some clarity during free spins, where it looks like a jailbreak has been planned. Not to worry, everything has the trademark Pragmatic Play gloss to it, so there's plenty of incentive to see what happens next.

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